Asana Implementation

Want to implement Asana for your team or across your organisation? I can help.

Your situation

Getting started with Asana CAN be easy, you just add a few tasks in or import a project spreadsheet and off you go...

But how do you launch Asana in the right way?

How do you set up your team for success ?

How do you make sure your staff use Asana in the right way and stay on top of their tasks, communicate progress, track progress, monitor effort, manage workloads and make use of all those fabulous features Asana created?

What I'll do

I'll work with you to understand your motivation for using Asana, what you want to achieve and what problems you hope to solve with Asana.

From there, we'll plan the best way to roll it out in your organisation and how we can support your team based on their attitude toward and experience with web-based platforms. 

I'll work with each of your teams to familiarise them with Asana and have it deliver on their specific needs - as I have done with clients across the globe from California to Queensland!

What you'll get

Once we've completed our work together your teams will each be set up on Asana with at least one of their most popular workflows / projects on the platform (we can, of course, set up everything!)

Your team will feel comfortable and confident with Asana, and I have a track record of helping the most resistant users to adopt it with gusto!

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My Asana story

In 2015, I decided to grow my agency business and needed reliable tools that would help me manage various projects across different teams.

I tried various tools for project management, task management and team communication and eventually settled on three separate tools.

But none of those tools was really delivering everything we needed, it was a compromise and it felt like there had to be a better, simpler solution.

We came across Asana - and after trying it out and understanding its potential I never looked back; it help me turn three systems into one and gave me a much clearer view of who was doing what, with who and when by.

Since then, I've become an Asana Certified Pro - and subsequently an Asana Solutions Partner - I'd love to help you to use Asana to solve your headaches.

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